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BUK Calls for Compulsory Adherence of COVID-19 Protocols


Authorities of the Bayero University, Kano (BUK) has released a notice to members of the University community, students and visitors to the Campuses on compulsory adherence to COVID-19 protocols.

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In line with the policy of curtailing the spread of Covid-19 Pandemic in the country and the desire to have a healthy community for academic activities, the management of Bayero University Kano wishes to inform all members of the University community, students and visitors to the Campuses that the University has adopted a strict observance to all the Covid-19 protocols within the premises of the University environment

Consequently, staff (teaching and non-teaching members of their families and students, as well as visitors to the University, MUST COMPLY with the Covid-19 protocols.

The Management has already provided enough motorized handwashing machines and hand sanitisers at strategic locations within the Academic, Administrative and hostel areas for use.

Staff, students and visitors are required while on the University premises should wear a face mask and remain with it at all times. Also, members of the University Community and visitors MUST strictly observe physical distancing as much as possible in academic area and hostels or any other places.

Wearing of face-mask must be done fully, not halfway, the face-mask MUST cover nose and mouth, it must not be hanged on one ear, or put under the chin.

In order to reduce or eliminate the spread of the virus, members of the University community are advised to reduce handshake, keep physical distancing and wash our hands regularly.

As much as possible members of the University community and visitors, should stay in an open space, and they must be in a room, they must ensure the room is well ventilated.

Commercial vehicle owners are required to provide hand sanitisers for their passengers.

No student will not be allowed into a lecture hall or any other place within the University without wearing a face mask covering his NOSE and MOUTH. Lecturers are required to wear their face-mask too and ensure all students in their classes do the same.

As part of measures to ensure total enforcement and compliance, the Management has employed surveillance mechanism with setting up of Covid-19 Protocol Enforcement Marshals.

Anyone caught violating the compliance order will be sanctioned.


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