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List of Courses Offered in Kano State University of Science and Technology, Wudil (KUST)


University’s Name: Kano State University of Science and Technology, Wudil (KUST). Location: Wudil, Kano State, Nigeria. Official Website:

In this article, you would get to know all the undergraduate degree courses and programmes offered in Kano State University of Science and Technology, Wudil (KUST).

courses in KUST Wudil
KUST Wudil Entrance Gate

Kano State University of Science and Technology, Wudil was established in 2001 as Kano State University of Technology by the Kano State Government (during Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso’s administration – former governor of Kano State).

The name of the University was renamed to Kano State University of Science and Technology in 2005 in conformity to the Gazette laws of the University. The university is located in Wudil, Kano State, Northern Nigeria.

The list of undergraduate degree courses and programmes offered in Kano State University of Science and Technology are as follows;

List of Faculties, Departments and Courses in Kano State University of Science and Technology, Wudil (KUST Wudil)

Faculty of Computing and Mathematical Sciences (FACMS)

Department of Computer Science

·        B.Sc. Computer Science

·        B.Sc. Information and Communication Technology

Department of Mathematics

·        B.Sc. Mathematics

Department of Statistics

·        B.Sc. Statistics


Faculty of Agriculture and Agricultural Technology (FAAT)

Department of Soil Science

·        B.Sc. Agriculture

Department of Forestry, Fisheries and Wild Life

·        B.Sc. Forestry, Fisheries and Wildlife

Department of Food Science and Technology

·        B.Sc. Food Science and Technology

Department of Animal Science

·        B.Sc. Animal Science

Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension

·        B.Sc. Agricultural Economics and Extension

Department of Crop Science

·        B.Sc. Crop Science


Faculty of Earth and Environmental Sciences (FAEES)

Department of Geography

·        B.Sc. Geography

Department of Architecture

·        B.Sc. Architecture

Department of Urban and Regional Planning

·        B.Sc. Urban and Regional Planning

Department of Geology

·        B.Sc. Geology

Department of Building

·        B.Sc. Building

Department of Estate Management

·        B.Sc. Estate Management


Faculty of Engineering (FAENG)

Department of Civil Engineering

·        B.Eng. Civil Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering

·        B.Eng. Mechanical Engineering

·        B.Eng. Mechatronics Engineering

Department of Electrical Engineering

·        B.Eng. Electrical Engineering

Department of Agricultural Engineering

·        B.Eng. Agricultural Engineering

Department of Automotive Engineering

·        B.Eng. Automotive Engineering

Department of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering

·        B.Eng. Water Resources and Environment Engineering


Faculty of Science (FASCI)

Department of Biology

·        B.Sc. Biology

Department of Chemistry

·        B.Sc. Chemistry

Department of Physics

·        B.Sc. Physics

Department of Microbiology

·        B.Sc. Microbiology

Department of Biochemistry

·        B.Sc. Biochemistry


Faculty of Science and Technology Education (FASTE)

Department of Science Laboratory Technology

·        Agricultural and Science Education

·        Education and Biology

·        Education and Chemistry

·        Education and Geography

·        Education and Physics

·        Science Laboratory Technology

Department of Computing and Mathematical Education

·        Education and Mathematics

Department of Human Kinetics and Health Education

·        Health Education

Department of Library and Information Science

·        Library and Information Science


Kano State University of Science and Technology’s Core Values


Kano University of Science and Technology, Wudil students are not just joining a University, they’re joining a lifelong family that understands the value of loyalty, camaraderie, and unconditional support. At the heart of our commitment to being people with dignity is the visible demonstration of the value of one another. We give honour to each other through our words and actions, and by the commitment to our collective success that is translated into the success of the University.


Excellence stems from a sense of pride in who we are and what we believe in which explains our optimism and the faith we have in the future We believe that excellence, not mere compliance, is the goal of our teaching, our research and our service. We are not motivated to excellence out of pride, but out of a desire to be involved. In everything we do, we are not to be satisfied with mediocrity, but excellence.


The spirit of leadership is instilled in every student whether in the public or private sector. they have the values, the confidence and the experience to lead. We Utilize the windows of opportunity presented to us to the maximum. Therefore, our resources and efforts are harnessed to fulfill our common goals A commitment to our future aspiration means we want to have short term focus with a long term view. We are therefore determined to effectively impact on the world of the 21 Century


Loyalty and respect for tradition is about a sense of trust and conformity to the norms and values we cherish as a community.


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