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List of Courses Offered in Abia State University (ABSU)


University’s Name: Abia State University (ABSU). Location: Uturu, Abia State, Nigeria. Official Website:

In this article, you would get to know all the undergraduate degree courses offered in Abia State University (ABSU).

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Abia State University (ABSU) is a state-owned university that was established in 1981 by the Abia State government. ABSU is located in Uturu, Abia State, Eastern Nigeria.

The university has remained resilient in the acquisition and dissemination of ICT-driven skills, comparable to graduates everywhere in Africa.

The list of degree courses and programmes offered in ABSU is as follows;

List of Courses Offered in Abia State University

The list of courses offered in Abia State University are categorized under the following faculties, college and departments:

Faculties and Departments in Abia State University

Faculty of Agriculture

1.     Department of Agric Economics/Extension

2.     Department of Animal Science and Fisheries

3.     Department of Crop Production/Protection

4.     Department of Food Science and Technology

5.     Department of Soil Science

Faculty of Biological Sciences

1.     Department of Animal and Environmental Biology

2.     Department of Biochemistry

3.     Department of Plant Science and Biotechnology

4.     Department of Microbiology

Faculty of Physical Sciences

1.     Department of Industrial Chemistry

2.     Department of Industrial Physics

3.     Department of Computer Science

4.     Department of Mathematics

5.     Department of Statistics

Faculty of Business Administration

1.     Department of Accountancy

2.     Department of Banking and Finance

3.     Department of Economics

4.     Department of Management

College of Medicine and Health Sciences

1.     Department of Basic Medical Sciences

2.     Department of Human Anatomy

3.     Department of Human Physiology

4.     Department of Medical Biochemistry

5.     Department of Clinical Medicine

6.     Department of Health Science

Faculty of Education

1.     Department of Curriculum and Teaching Education

2.     Department of Educational Administration/Planning

3.     Department of Educational Foundations

4.     Department of Psychological Foundations

5.     Department of Science Education

Faculty of Engineering

1.     Department of Computer Engineering

2.     Department of Electrical/Electronics Engineering

3.     Department of Mechanical Engineering

4.     Department of Information and Communication Technology

5.     Department of Surveying and Geo-Informatics

Faculty of Environmental Studies

1.     Department of Architecture

2.     Department of Building

3.     Department of Environmental Resource Management

4.     Department of Estate Management

5.     Department of Fine and Applied Arts

6.     Department of Geography and Planning

7.     Department of Urban and Regional Planning

Faculty of Law

1.     Department of Private and Property Law

2.     Department of Jurisprudence, International and Public Law

3.     Department of Commercial and Industrial Law

4.     Clinical Legal Education Programme/Law Clinic

Faculty of MJCE, Humanities

1.     Department of Religious Studies/Philosophy

2.     Department of Linguistics and Communications Studies/Igbo

3.     Department of English Language/Literature

4.     Department of Foreign Languages and Translation Studies

5.     Department of History and International Relations

Faculty of Social Sciences

1.     Department of Library and Information Sciences

2.     Department of Mass Communication

3.     Department of Political Science

4.     Department of Sociology


The list of courses and degree programmes offered in Abia State University are as follows;

ABSU Courses

1.           Accountancy / Accounting

2.           Agricultural Economics and Extension

3.           Agricultural Science and Education

4.           Anatomy

5.           Animal Science and Fisheries

6.           Architecture

7.           Banking and Finance

8.           Biochemistry

9.           Botany

10.       Building Technology

11.       Building Technology

12.       Business Administration

13.       Business Education

14.       Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry

15.       Civil Engineering

16.       Computer Engineering

17.       Computer Science

18.       Crop Production and Protection

19.       Economics

20.       Education / Fine Art

21.       Education Accounting

22.       Education and Accountancy

23.       Education and Biology

24.       Education and Chemistry

25.       Education and Geography / Physics

26.       Education and Government

27.       Education and Integrated Science

28.       Education and Mathematics

29.       Education and Physics

30.       Education and Political Science

31.       Education and Social Studies

32.       Educational Management and Planning

33.       Electrical / Electronic Engineering

34.       English Language and Literature

35.       Environmental Resources Management

36.       Environmental Science

37.       Estate Management

38.       Fine / Applied Art

39.       Fine and Applied Arts

40.       Food Science and Technology

41.       French

42.       Geography

43.       Geography and Planning

44.       Geography and Planning

45.       Government and Public Administration

46.       History and International Studies

47.       Home Economics and Education

48.       Igbo

49.       Information and Communication Technology

50.       Language and Literature

51.       Law

52.       Library and Information Science

53.       Library Science

54.       Linguistic and Communication Studies

55.       Linguistics and Communication Studies

56.       Marketing

57.       Mass Communication

58.       Mathematics

59.       Mechanical Engineering

60.       Medical Laboratory Technology / Science

61.       Medicine and Surgery

62.       Microbiology

63.       Nursing / Nursing Science

64.       Optometry

65.       Pharmacy

66.       Physiology

67.       Plant Science and Biotechnology

68.       Political Science

69.       Public Health

70.       Pure and Industrial Physics

71.       Quantity Surveying

72.       Religious Studies

73.       Sociology

74.       Soil Science

75.       Statistics

76.       Surveying and Geo-Informatics

77.       Urban and Regional Planning

78.       Zoology


Abia State University’s Vision and Mission


To strengthen the fabrics of the existing traditional administrative organs of the institution through a disposition of accountability, transparency, probity and prudence in fiscal conduct, system discipline derived from staff commitment to duty which will guarantee a congenial atmosphere to promote teaching and learning, capacity building and intellectual harvest that will enhance the national and international reputation and ranking of our Institution



To establish a responsive leadership that will expand the academic base of the institution through promotion of entrepreneur studies that will equip our graduates with the requisite skills and competencies fit for effective contribution to the 21st century activities of the globe and enthrone Excellence in academic activities emphasizing competitiveness and healthy rivalry amongst students and staff on national and international platforms in areas of Research, Publications and exhibitions.


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