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List of Courses Offered in Federal College of Education, Okene (FCE Okene)


Institution’s Name: Federal College of Education, Okene (FCE Okene). Location: Okene, Kogi State, Nigeria. Official Website:

In this article, you would get to know all the courses offered in the Federal College of Education, Okene (FCE Okene).

courses in fce okene
FCE Okene entrance gate

The Federal College of Education, Okene was founded in 1974. At that time, it was known as the Federal Advanced Teachers College, Okene. The institution was renamed the Federal College of Education, Okene in 1985. FCE Okene is located in Okene, Kogi State, North-Central Nigeria. The motto of the college is Knowledge Par Excellence.

The list of NCE courses offered in the Federal College of Education, Okene is as follows;

List of Schools, Departments and Courses in Federal College of Education, Okene (FCE Okene)

The list of courses offered in the Federal College of Education, Okene are divided into the various schools and departments.

School of Art and Social Sciences


·        Christian Religious Studies

·        Economics

·        Geography

·        History

·        Islamic Studies

·        Music

·        Political Science

·        Social Studies


School of General Education


·        Curriculum Studies and Instruction

·        General Studies Education

·        Educational Foundation

·        Pre-NCE and Remedial Studies

·        Educational Psychology


School of Languages


·        Arabic

·        Hausa

·        English

·        Yoruba

·        French

·        Igbo


School of Sciences:


·        Biology

·        Computer Science

·        Physical and Health Education

·        Chemistry

·        Mathematics

·        Physics

·        Integrated Science


School of Vocational Education


·        Agric. Education

·        Home Economics Education

·        Business Education

·        Fine and Applied Arts


School of Early Childhood Care and Primary Education


·        Early Childhood Care Education

·        Primary Education


School of Adult, Non-Formal and Special Education:


·        Adult and Non-Formal Education


FCE Okene Courses:

1.           Adult and Non-Formal Education

2.           Agricultural Science Double Major

3.           Arabic/Christian Religious Studies

4.           Arabic/English

5.           Arabic/French

6.           Arabic/Hausa

7.           Arabic/Islamic Studies

8.           Arabic/Social Studies

9.           Arabic/Yoruba

10.       Biology/Chemistry

11.       Biology/Integrated Science

12.       Biology/Mathematics

13.       Biology/Physics

14.       Business Education

15.       Chemistry/Integrated Science

16.       Chemistry/Mathematics

17.       Chemistry/Physics

18.       Christian Religious Studies/English

19.       Christian Religious Studies/French

20.       Christian Religious Studies/Hausa

21.       Christian Religious Studies/Igbo

22.       Christian Religious Studies/Social Studies

23.       Christian Religious Studies/Yoruba

24.       Computer Education/Biology

25.       Computer Education/Chemistry

26.       Computer Education/Physics

27.       Computer Science Education/Integrated Science

28.       Computer Science Education/Mathematics

29.       Early Childhood Care Education

30.       Economics/English

31.       Economics/Mathematics

32.       Economics/Social Studies

33.       English/French

34.       English/Geography

35.       English/Hausa

36.       English/History

37.       English/Igbo

38.       English/Islamic Studies

39.       English/Music

40.       English/Social Studies

41.       English/Yoruba

42.       Fine And Applied Arts Double Major

43.       French/Hausa

44.       French/Igbo

45.       French/Music

46.       French/Social Studies

47.       French/Yoruba

48.       Geography/Integrated Science

49.       Geography/Social Studies

50.       Hausa/Igbo

51.       Hausa/Islamic Studies

52.       Hausa/Music

53.       Hausa/Social Studies

54.       Hausa/Yoruba

55.       History/Social Studies

56.       Home Economics Double Major

57.       Igbo/Music

58.       Igbo/Social Studies

59.       Igbo/Yoruba

60.       Integrated Science Double Major

61.       Integrated Science/Mathematics Education

62.       Integrated Science/Physics

63.       Islamic Studies/Social Studies

64.       Islamic Studies/Yoruba

65.       Mathematics/Physics

66.       Mathematics/Social Studies

67.       Music Double Major

68.       Music/Christian Religious Studies

69.       Music/Social Studies

70.       Music/Yoruba

71.       Physical and Health Education Double Major

72.       Primary Education Studies

73.       Social Studies/Yoruba

The Federal College of Education, Okene also offers Bachelor of Arts in Education (BA. Ed) and Bachelor of Science in Education (BSc. Ed) degree programmes in affiliation with the University of Ibadan (UI). The list of degree courses offered in FCE Okene is as follows;

FCE Okene Degree Programmes:

1.           Education/Christian Religious Studies

2.           Education/Islamic Studies

3.           Education/English Language

4.           Human Kinetics (Physical) and Health Education

5.           Education/French

6.           Education/Biology

7.           Education/Chemistry

8.           Education/Mathematics

9.           Educational Management

10.       Education/Social Studies

11.       Guidance and Counseling


Federal College of Education, Okene’s Vision and Mission


To be a major key player in nation-building, progressive learning and development by producing quality middle level manpower in Nigeria Educational System.



To achieve academic excellence by producing distinctive students who are outstanding in; culture, knowledge, moral and behaviour, through teaching and learning


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