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List of Courses Offered in Aminu Saleh College of Education, Azare (ASCOEA)


University’s Name: Aminu Saleh College of Education, Azare (ASCOEA). Location: Azare, Bauchi State, Nigeria. Official Website:

In this article, you would get to know all the programmes and courses offered in Aminu Saleh College of Education, Azare (ASCOEA).

courses offered in aminu saleh college of education azare, ASCOEA
Aminu Saleh College of Education, Azare (ASCOEA) is a state owned college of education located in Azare, Bauchi State, Northern Nigeria. ASCOEA was established in 1977 as an Advanced Teacher’s College a little while after Bauchi Sate was created out of the then North Eastern States.

At the time, the Bauchi State Government depended on teachers from other states as well as expatriate staff to run ASCOEA and other post-primary institutions in the state at that time. This situation necessitated the state government to source teachers for the institution by creating the Universal Primary Education (UPE). By 1977, the college had 71 staff strength – 36 senior and 35 junior members of staff, but now, the institution boasts of a staff strength of 929 staff.

The college now also offers undergraduate degree programmes in affiliation with the University of Maiduguri. The undergraduate degree programmes started in the 2009/2010 academic session.

The list of courses offered in Aminu Saleh College of Education, Azare is as follows;

List of Courses and Programmes Offered in Aminu Saleh College of Education, Azare (ASCOEA):

School of General Education

i.                   Department of Curriculum Studies

·        Curriculum Studies

ii.                 Department of Educational Foundations

·        Educational Foundations

iii.              Department of Educational Psychology

·        Educational Psychology

iv.               Department of General Studies

·        General Studies


School of Arts and Social Sciences

i.                   Department of Christian Religious Studies

·        Christian Religious Studies

ii.                 Department of Economics

·        Economics

iii.              Department of Geography

·        Geography

iv.               Department of History

·        History

v.                 Department of Islamic Studies

·        Islamic Studies

vi.               Department of Social Studies

·        Social Studies


School of Languages

i.                   Department of Arabic

·        Arabic

ii.                 Department of English

·        English

iii.              Department of Hausa

·        Hausa


School of Early Childhood Care and Primary Education

i.                   Department of Early Childhood Care and Education

·        Early Childhood Care and Education

ii.                 Department of Primary Education

·        Primary Education


School of Science

i.                   Department of Biology

·        Biology

ii.                 Department of Chemistry

·        Chemistry

iii.              Department of Computer Science

·        Computer Science

iv.               Department of Integrated Science

·        Integrated Science

v.                 Department of Mathematics

·        Mathematics

vi.               Department of Physical and Health Education

·        Physical and Health Education

vii.            Department of Physics

·        Department of Physics


School of Vocational and Technical Education

i.                   Department of Agriculture Education

·        Agriculture Education

ii.                 Department of Business Education

·        Business Education

iii.              Department of Fine and Applied Arts

·        Fine and Applied Arts

iv.               Department of Home Economics

·        Home Economics

v.                 Department of Technical Education

·        Technical Education


School of Undergraduate Studies Programmes

The School of Undergraduate Studies offers 13-Degree Programme in affiliation with University of Maiduguri and its headed by Dean, Deputy Dean and the Programme Coordinators.

i.                   B.A. (Ed.) Arabic

ii.                 B.A. (Ed.) English

iii.              B.A. (Ed.) Hausa

iv.               B.A. (Ed.) Islamic

v.                 B. Sc. (Ed.) Agriculture

vi.               B. Sc. (Ed.) Biology

vii.            B. Sc. (Ed.) Business

viii.         B. Sc. (Ed.) Chemistry

ix.               B. Sc. (Ed.) Economics

x.                 B. Sc. (Ed.) Health Education

xi.               B. Sc. (Ed.) Mathematics

xii.            B. Sc. (Ed.) Physical Education

xiii.         B. Sc. (Ed.) Physics


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