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List of Courses Offered in Lead City University (LCU)


University’s Name: Lead City University (LCU). Location: Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. Official Website:

In this article, you would get to know all the undergraduate degree courses offered at Lead City University (LCU).

lead city university courses
Lead City University Entrance Gate

Lead City University (LCU) is a private university located in Ibadan, Oyo State, Western Nigeria. The university was established in 2005.

The list of undergraduate degree courses and programmes offered in Lead City University is as follows;

List of Courses Offered in Lead City University (LCU)

All Courses:

1.           Civil Engineering

2.           Mechanical Engineering

3.           Information and Communication Engineering

4.           Software Engineering

5.           Electrical Electronics Engineering

6.           Telecommunication Engineering

7.           Computer Engineering

8.           Brewing Science

9.           GeoSciences

10.       Wood Product Engineering

11.       Nursing Science

12.       Biochemistry

13.       Law

14.       Computer Science with Economics

15.       Computer Science with Electronics

16.       Computer and Information Science

17.       Microbiology

18.       Accounting

19.       Business Administration

20.       Economics and Development Studies

21.       Politics and International Relations

22.       Public Administration

23.       Mass Comm. and Media Tech.

24.       Public Health

25.       Medical Lab. Science

26.       Environment Management and Toxicology

27.       Science Lab. Technology

28.       Entrepreneurship

29.       Estate Management

30.       Architecture

31.       Banking and Finance

32.       Criminology and Security Studies

33.       Library and Information Science

34.       English and Literary Studies

35.       Performing Arts and Culture

36.       Human Anatomy

37.       Physiology

38.       Chemistry

39.       Physics with Electronics

40.       Biology

41.       Marketing

42.       Psychology

43.       Sociology

44.       Education Biology

45.       Education Chemistry

46.       Education Physics

47.       Education English

48.       Education Mathematics

49.       Computer Sc. Education

50.       Education Economics

51.       Guidance and Counselling

52.       Educational Management

53.       Business Education

54.       Social Studies

55.       Office and Information Management

56.       Human Kinetics and Sport Science

57.       Nutrition and Dietetics

58.       Industrial Relation and Personnel Management

59.       Information Science and Media Studies

60.       Health Information Management

61.       Community Health

62.       Environmental Health Science

63.       Information System

64.       Information Technology

65.       Forensic Science

66.       Cyber Security

67.       Development Studies

68.       Tourism and Hospitality Management

69.       Social Work

70.       Economics

The aforementioned courses offered in Lead City University are categorized into the following faculty;

Faculty of Basic Medical and Applied Sciences

1.           B.Sc. Public Health

2.           B. NSc.  Nursing

3.           B.Sc.  Microbiology

4.           B.Sc. Environmental Management and Toxicology

5.           B.MLS. Medical Laboratory Science

6.           B.Sc. Kinesiology and Sports Science

7.           B.Sc. Health Education

8.           B.Sc. Community Health

9.           B.Sc. Environmental Health Science

10.       B.Sc. Health Information Management

11.       B.Sc. Computer Science

12.       B.Sc. Computer and Information Science

13.       B.Sc. Computer Science with Economics

14.       B.Sc. Computer Science with Electronics                       

15.       B.Sc. Business Computing

16.       B.Sc. Information and Communication Technology

17.       B.Sc. Biochemistry

18.       B.Sc. Nutrition and Dietetics

19.       B.Sc. Biological Sciences

20.       B.Sc. Science Laboratory Technology

21.       B.Sc. Anatomy

22.       B.Sc. Physiology

23.       B.Sc. Chemistry

24.       B.Sc. Physics

25.       B.Sc. Biology

26.       B.Sc. Science Laboratory Technology

27.       B.Sc. Radiography

28.       B.Sc. Forensic Science

Faculty of Law

1.     Bachelor of Laws (LLB.)

Faculty of Environment, Social and Management Sciences

1.           B.Sc. Mass Communication and Media Technology

2.           B. Sc. Politics and International Relations

3.           B.PA/B.Sc. Public Administration/Local Government Studies

4.           B.Sc. Politics and Law

5.           B.Sc. Psychology

6.           B.Sc. Sociology 

7.           B.Sc. Social Work

8.           B.Sc. Criminology and Security Studies

9.           B.Sc.  Economics    

10.       B.Sc. Business Information Management

11.       B.Sc. Health Information Management

12.       B.Sc. Library and Information Management

13.       B.Sc. Office and Information Management

14.       B.Sc. Accounting

15.       B.Sc. Banking and Finance

16.       B.Sc. Business Administration

17.       B.Sc. Entrepreneurial Studies

18.       B.Sc. Industrial Relations and Personnel Management

19.       B.Sc. Marketing

20.       B.Sc. Estate Management

21.       B.Sc. Architecture

22.       Procurement and Supply Chain Management

23.       Information Science and Media Studies

Faculty of Arts and Education

1.              B.LIS Library and Information Science

2.              B.A English and Literary Studies

3.              B.A. Performing Arts and Film Studies

4.              B.A (Ed.) English Language

5.              B.Ed. Social Studies

6.              B.Ed. Business Education

7.              B.Ed. Educational Administration

8.              B.Ed. Guidance and Counselling   

9.              B.Sc. Ed. Physical and Health Education

10.          B.Sc. Health Education and Promotion

11.          B.Sc. Ed. Biology

12.          B.Sc. Ed. Chemistry

13.          B.Sc. Ed. Physics

14.          B.Sc. Ed. Mathematics

15.          B.Sc. Ed. Computer Science


Lead City University Mission and Vision Statement


The mission of the Lead City University is to contribute to the development of tertiary education in Nigeria by providing qualitative access to knowledge and training, with innovative and challenging teaching techniques that guarantee a balanced education.



The vision of the LCU is to be a centre of excellence, a unique, urban-based University, specializing in Social Sciences, Law, Applied Sciences, Information and Communication Technology.

Currently in its eleventh academic session. Lead City University, Ibadan (LCU) is a private University approved by the Federal Government of Nigeria. It has graduated nine sets of students.

The school offers various programmes suitable for both the young adolescents and adult working class. It indeed recognizes the need to accommodate the time constraints to individuals and therefore provides flexibility by allowing for a choice between part-time and full-time study schemes. Programmes are offered by specialized faculties in Social Sciences and Entrepreneurial Studies, Information Technology and Applied Sciences and Law.

To Ensure that the University remains at the forefront of the latest development in the field of Information Technology and Management education, our have optimal access to data, Information and Knowledge through state-of-the-art Computer Facilities, Inter Linkage, Electronic Library, Audiovisual Aids and Student-friendly course materials.


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