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List of Courses Offered in Skyline University Nigeria (SUN)


University’s Name: Skyline University Nigeria (SUN). Location: Kano, Kano State, Nigeria. Official Website:

In this article, you would get to know all the undergraduate courses offered in Skyline University Nigeria (SUN).

courses in skyline university kano nigeria
Aerial view of Skyline University Nigeria.
Photo Credit: Moha Sheikh

Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) is a private owned university located in Kano, Kano State, Northern Nigeria. The mission to establish Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) took concrete form in 1990 when the Skyline University College was established by the proprietor, at Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. The fame of this University College grew exponentially and students’ enrolment soon increased at an increasing rate with a large number of international students coming from Nigeria. Thus, in the 30 years of its involvement in the private university education business in the Middle East, Skyline Investments Limited has spread so widely. This is a testimony that the little spark of 1990 in the UAE, has blossomed into a full flame of excellent university educational opportunities for the young Nigerians in particular and the West African sub-region in general.

The list of faculties, departments, courses and programmes offered in Skyline University Nigeria is as follows;

List of Courses, Departments and Faculties in Skyline University Nigeria (SUN)

School of Science and Information Technology

Department of Mathematical Science

·        B.Sc. Computer Science

·        B.Sc. Software Engineering

Department of Geology

·        B.Sc. Geology

Department of Chemical Science

·        B.Sc. Industrial Chemistry

·        B.Sc. Chemistry

·        B.Sc. Biochemistry

Department of Biological Sciences

·        B.Sc. Biology

·        B.Sc. Microbiology

Department of Physics Science

·        B.Sc. Physics and Electronics


School of Art, Management and Social Science

Department of Economics

·        B.Sc. Economics

Department of Management

·        B.Sc. Business Administration

·        B.Sc. Entrepreneurship and Innovation

·        B.Sc. Accounting

Department of Mass Communication

·        B.Sc. Mass Communication

Department of Political Science

·        B.Sc. International Relations

Frequently Asked Questions About Skyline University Nigeria (SUN)


Que: How can I find out about activities or events being held?


We announce our activities through Notice Boards, E-Mails, SMS, the SUN website and Facebook.


Que: How can I sign up for any activity?


Simply pass by our department on the First Floor (next to the SSD office) and sign up or send an email to We encourage our students to participate in external university competitions too.


Que: How can I join a student committees/club?


Register online on your portal or visit the Students Services Department (SSD) to register into the clubs and committee members on the spot


Que: How long is a club/committee membership valid for?


All memberships are valid for one year.


Que: How is the core council elected for each club/committee?


All core councils are selected through the process of voting by the members. Each year new councils are elected.


Que: How do I find out about meeting timings?


Meeting timings will be informed through SMS, notice boards and updates on your portal.


Que: Do I receive any scholarship for being a part of extracurricular activities?


Rewardship program is a scholarship provided to students based on the number of hours they spend on extracurricular activities. Rewardship booklets will be provided at the beginning of the semester.


Que: What other benefits do I receive being a part of extracurricular activities?


It is a great opportunity to learn new things, build stronger personal skills and meet new people. It also helps to build your resume and increase scholarship opportunities. All active members are provided with certificates at the end of the semester.


Que: What are the office hours of the Events Department?


Events Department is open from 9:00 am till 6:00 pm on weekdays and they would be able to provide you with any information you require.


Que: What do I need to become a student organizer in SUN Events Committee?


Register online on your portal or attend the Clubs Meetings to meet the committee members and register on the spot. You can also join in on the meetings mid-semester or stop by the events department.


Que: Can I write for the Newsline magazine if I’m not in the committee?


Yes, we accept all student contributions on various topics. We also encourage students to showcase their talents of art and poetry in the magazine


How active is the Alumni Club?


SUN graduates automatically become SUN alumni. The present students of SUN form part of SUN Alumni club which organizes alumni events and activities regularly in the academic year. The orientation is given to final year students during spring semester informing them about the various benefits of becoming an integral part of SUN Alumni body once they graduate.


Corporate Affairs Office organizes a yearly meet to help strengthen their ties and improve their network.


SUN Corporate Affairs Office (CAO)

Engr. Bashir Garba [photo of Engr. Bashir]

Head – Corporate Affairs Office          


Ms. Nafisa Muhamad Inuwa

Corporate Affairs Executive 


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