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List of Courses Offered in Ekiti State University (EKSU)


University’s Name: Ekiti State University. Location: Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria. Official Website:

In this article, you would get to know all the undergraduate degree courses and programmes offered in Ekiti State University (EKSU).


courses offered in ekiti state university, eksu

The Ekiti State University (EKSU) is located in the city of Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State, Western Nigeria. This institution was created as a part of the Obafemi Awolowo University(OAU) in 1982 but became its current name ‘Ekiti State University’ in 2011.

EKSU is a state-owned institution that offers various undergraduate programmes, amongst which are;

List of Courses Offered in Ekiti State University (EKSU)

The Ekiti State University has nine Faculties and a College of Medicine. The Faculties and College are;

EKSU Faculties

1.           Agricultural Science

2.           Arts

3.           Engineering

4.           Education

5.           Education

6.           Law

7.           Management Science

8.           Science

9.           The Social Science

10.       College of Medicine

All the various undergraduate degree courses and department offered in the Ekiti State University are under the umbrella of the faculties above. The list of various courses and departments in EKSU are as follows;

Courses and Departments in EKSU

·        Accountancy / Accounting

·        Accounting

·        Actuarial Science

·        Adult Education

·        Agricultural Economics and Extension

·        Agriculture

·        Anatomy

·        Animal Production and Health Service

·        Arabic and Islamic Studies

·        Banking and Finance

·        Biochemistry

·        Biological Science(s)

·        Business Administration

·        Business Administration

·        Business Education

·        Chemistry

·        Christian Religious Knowledge / Studies

·        Christian Religious Studies (CRS)

·        Civil Engineering

·        Computer Engineering

·        Computer Science

·        Cooperative and Rural Development

·        Crop, Soil and Environmental Science

·        Curriculum Studies

·        Early Childhood Education

·        Economics

·        Education Accounting

·        Education and Accountancy

·        Education and Biology

·        Education and Chemistry

·        Education and Christian Religious Studies

·        Education and Computer Science

·        Education and Economics

·        Education and English Language

·        Education and French

·        Education and Geography

·        Education and Geography / Physics

·        Education and History

·        Education and Integrated Science

·        Education and Mathematics

·        Education and Mechanical and Automechanic Technology

·        Education and Physics

·        Education and Political Science

·        Education and Science

·        Education and Social Studies

·        Education and Yoruba

·        Education Foundation and Management

·        Educational Management

·        Educational Management and Planning

·        Electrical / Electronic Engineering

·        Electrical / Electronics Education

·        English and Literary Studies

·        English Language

·        Entrepreneurship

·        Environmental Management

·        Fisheries

·        Forestry and Wildlife Management

·        Forestry Wildlife and Fisheries

·        Geography

·        Geography and Planning Science

·        Geology

·        Geophysics

·        Guidance and Counseling

·        History and International Studies

·        Hospitality and Tourism

·        Human Kinetics and Health Education

·        Industrial Chemistry

·        Industrial Mathematics

·        Industrial Relations and Personnel Management

·        Industrial Technical Education

·        Insurance

·        Law

·        Library and Information Science

·        Linguistics

·        Marketing

·        Mathematics

·        Mathematics / Statistics Education

·        Mechanical Engineering

·        Medicine and Surgery

·        Microbiology

·        Nursery and Primary Education

·        Nursing / Nursing Science

·        Philosophy

·        Physical and Health Education

·        Physics

·        Physiology

·        Plant Science and Forestry

·        Political Science

·        Psychology

·        Pure Chemistry

·        Religious Studies

·        Science Laboratory Technology

·        Sociology

·        Statistics

·        Theatre Arts

·        Tourism Studies

·        Vocational and Technical Education

·        Yoruba

·        Zoology


Ekiti State University’s Vision, Mission and Core Values


Producing graduates adequately equipped to handle contemporary socioeconomic and environmental challenges through cutting edge research in science, technology and humanities, driven by Information and Communication Technology.


To Provide a high quality educational experience shaped by outstanding teaching and research that benefit cultures, societies and economies

Core Values

·        Academic integrity

·        Accountability

·        Caring for the well-being of staff and students

·        Fairness in all relationship with staff and students, irrespective of age and gender

·        High standards of personal honesty and ethical behaviour

·        Openness and shared governance

·        Confidentiality in handling all official information

·        Pursuit of excellence in teaching, research and services

·        Respect for tradition and culture

·        Probity in judgement and action


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