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Nigerian Girl Sells Her Father's Land in Abuja to Fund Her Boyfriend's Education Overseas

Reports has it that one Mr. Ekpo, from Delta state, has allegedly threatened to kill her daughter for selling his land located at airport road Abuja without his consent to fund her boyfriend’s education oversea.

Note: Image used just for illustration, Image Credit: Voice of Nigeria
According to WestAfricaReports, the lady stole the land documents without the father’s knowledge change ownership of the land while she sold it as the rightful owner.
The boyfriend who got admission for his master’s degree programme at the University of Aberdeen did not have enough, which was why his girlfriend sold her father’s land to support him financially.

Her father realized that the land has been sold when he wanted to commence developing it and was approached by the buyer who presented all original documents to the land.
Angry with the development, Mr. Ekpo has vowed to kill his daughter and her boyfriend if they do not make his land available in seven days.

Mr. Joseph, Ekpo’s first son, told newsmen it was a huge surprise to the family when they found out his sister had sold their father’s land without anybody’s knowledge.
The daughter however did not deny selling the land but said she did that to assist her boyfriend whom she said had no money but needed to further his education.

Joseph added that the funniest part is that her sister promised her dad that he will get back the money in double as soon as her boyfriend comes back and starts working.

My father is very angry over the development and won’t listen to anybody, Joseph, said.


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