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GCB MD-PhD Scholarships for Swiss Nationals at University of Bern in Switzerland, 2018


The new MD-PhD Scholarships is now available on offer for applicants from Switzerland. This scholarship available to promising young physicians who wish to get a formal research training in natural sciences, in public health sciences, in clinical research or in biomedical ethics, in addition to their medical education.

The aim of the dual training is to equip MD-PhD graduates to pursue a career combining research and clinics in an academic setting, to become experts in translational medicine and to contribute to evidence-based medicine.

GCB MD-PhD Scholarships for Swiss Nationals at University of Bern in Switzerland, 2018
Scholarships in Switzerland
The University of Bern is a university in the Swiss capital of Bern and was founded in 1834. It is regulated and financed by the Canton of Bern. It is a comprehensive university offering a broad choice of courses and programs in eight faculties and some 150 institutes. With around 17,512 students, the University of Bern is the third biggest University in Switzerland. The University of Bern operates at three levels: university, faculties, and institutes. Other organizational units include interfaculty and general university units.

Scholarship Description:

Applications Deadline: December 15, 2018

Course Level: Scholarships are available to pursue MD-PhD or PhD programmes.
Study Subject: Scholarships are awarded in human medicine, veterinary medicine and dentistry.

Scholarship Award: MD-PhD scholarships are awarded for a minimum of two to a maximum of three years, within a time window of four years starting from the date of matriculation as MD-PhD or PhD student. This time window may be extended by a maximum of one year in justified cases. The reasons for requesting an extension of the time window must be explained in the application.

During the scholarship, grantees must devote at least 80% of a full-time employment to their doctoral project. All grantees need to be matriculated as MD-PhD or PhD students and comply with the requirements of the local doctoral program in which they are enrolled for the entire duration of the scholarship. No prolongation of the scholarship is possible.

The scholarship is awarded ad-personam and covers the gross salary of the grantee as well as the social security contributions to be paid by the employer. Grantees must be employed by their university during the support period and the scholarship must be administered by the grant administration office of their university. The annual gross salary of the grantee is calculated on the basis of the SNSF highest salary scale for doctoral students increased by ten percent. The employer’s social security contributions are added according to the local flat rates defined by the SNSF.

Nationality: This scholarship is available for Swiss nationals.

Number of Scholarships: Up to 9 to 12 scholarships every year will be awarded.
Scholarship can be taken in Switzerland

Eligibility for the Scholarship:

Eligible Countries: Available to applicants from Switzerland.

Entrance Requirements: Applicants must meet the following criteria:

Applicants must have successfully completed their studies in human, veterinary or dental medicine and be admitted as doctoral students in the local MD-PhD program of a Swiss university by the time of the scholarship start. They must have been residents of Switzerland for at least 2 years by the submission deadline. Complete participation requirements and evaluation criteria are described in the program regulations.

Applicants for a national MD-PhD scholarship must fulfill the following requirements:

– They have successfully completed their studies in human medicine, veterinary medicine or dentistry at a Swiss university by the time the scholarship starts. Applicants with a foreign medical degree must have been legal residents of Switzerland for a minimum of two years by the submission deadline;

– They have generally obtained their medical degree directly before but no more than three years before the submission deadline;

– They are admitted as doctoral students in the local MD-PhD program of a Medical Faculty at a Swiss university and comply with all the local requirements;

– They have a guaranteed position as doctoral student and the support of a thesis advisor for the entire duration of the scholarship. In addition, the host institution guarantees funding for a fourth doctoral year after expiration of the scholarship, if necessary to complete the doctorate;

– They carry out their doctoral work in Switzerland. Research stays abroad are possible during the scholarship if in agreement with the thesis advisor and with the regulations of the local MD-PhD program in which the student remains enrolled.

How to Apply:

Applications, written in English using the SAMS application form, must be sent to the local MD-PhD commission of the Medical Faculty at which the applicant is or intends to be matriculated as doctoral student. Contact details of the commissions and information on the local MD-PhD programs can be found here: Local MD-PhD Commissions.


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