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10-Year-old Fourth Grade Pupil Impregnates his 13-year-old Girlfriend


Reports has it that a Ten (10) year-old fourth grade pupil has impregnated his thirteen (13) year old girlfriend. The 13-year old schoolgirl mum-to-be is now looking for sponsors so she can become an online influencer. The girl is allegedly trying to monetize her social media accounts and is willing to work with famous brands and sponsors.

The pregnant teen, who lives in Siberian town Zheleznogorsk, is in seventh grade while her 10-year-old boyfriend and father of her child is still in fourth. She was only 13 when she fell pregnant but has reportedly recently turned 14.

Reacting the news, the mother of the girl who has terminal cancer said, initially they thought she had food poisoning, until they bought a pregnancy test and it showed up positive. She also added that she is determined to overcome the disease in order to be there for her pregnant daughter.

pupil impregnates girlfriend


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