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How to Update Your NPC Profile | Edit Your State of Assignment, Residence, Qualifications and Others


Surprisingly, even after submission, a lot of candidates who applied for the 2023 ad-hoc staff recruitment of the National Population Commission (NPC) do not know that they can still update their bio-information, state of assignment, residence, contact, next of kin and other details they submitted during the application. This article contains a step by step procedure on how to edit your profile.

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An important reason why one should consider changing he/her profile is because of space, some Wards, LGA or States are already filled up and cannot accommodate more Enumerators and Supervisors and as such, the status of a lot of candidates in such regions are still 'pending'. It is advisable for candiates still having 'pending' on their profile to consider changing their location to a less competitive Ward, LGA or even State as the case may be.

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To update your profile follow the steps listed below;

  1. Visit
  2. Click on 'Check Application Status'.
  3. Enter your NPC ID and click on 'Proceed' to check your status.
  4. If your status is showing 'Pending', proceed to the next step, otherwise if its showing 'Approved' and you still want to change your location, I do not recommend that. 
  5. After checking your status, click on the address bar on the same page you are on and paste this other link:
  6. Now press enter to open the page
  7. The page will load and open a 'Form Preview' page. You can recall this page when you first submitted your application.
  8. Click on 'Edit' on any section you want to edit. e.g. bio. contact, education, residence, contact etc.
  9. After you update your profile, click on OK and proceed to submit, to effect the change.
Good luck!


  1. The editing site has refuse to open for a while,have been trying it since

    1. Hello, that should be an error from your end because someone edited hers' just yesterday. Make sure you have a very stable network. Tell me if you still encounter any other error.

  2. Mine has been approved but really want to change my state of assignment because of the distance...


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