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Fed Poly Bauchi Academic Calendar Released, 2018/2019 Session


The management of the Federal Polytechnic, Bauchi has released the Academic Calendar for 2018/2019 academic session.

Fed Poly Bauchi Academic Calendar
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According to Fed Poly Bauchi academic calendar, Lectures for the 2018/209 academic session will commence April 29th, 2019.

The complete details of the Academic Calendar are captured below;

Fed Poly Bauchi Academic Calendar for 2018/2019 Session



Monday 3rd - Registration of New Students Begins
Monday 10th - Four Months SIWES Continues


Saturday 16th - Presidential Elections
Monday 25th - Departmental Board Meetings
Tuesday 26th - School Board Meetings
Wednesday 27th - Academic Board Meeting

MARCH, 2019

Saturday 9th - Gubernatorial Elections
Monday 8th to Friday 22nd - Students Project Defense
Monday 25th to Friday 29th - Auditing Exercise

APRIL, 2019

Monday 1st to Friday 5th - Departmental/School Board Meetings
Friday 5th - Four Months SIWES Students Ends
Tuesday 9th to Wednesday 10th - Academic Board Meetings to Consider Results
Monday 15th - Registration of Returning Students
- New Students Registration Continues
Monday 29th - Lectures Commences

MAY, 2019

Wednesday 1st - Workers Day
Monday 6th - Ramadan [Expected]
Friday 10th - Registration Ends
Tuesday 21st - Departmental Board Meetings
Wednesday 22nd - School Board Meetings
Thursday 23rd - Academic Board Meeting
Wednesday 29th - Democracy Day

JUNE, 2019

Wednesday 5th - Id-el-Fitr [Expected]
Wednesday 12th to Friday 14th - Students Orientation
Saturday 15th - Matriculation Ceremony
Monday 17th to Friday 21st - First Class Tests
Tuesday 25th - Departmental Board Meeting
Wednesday 16th - School Board Meeting
Thursday 27th - Academic Board Meeting

JULY, 2019

Monday 15th to Friday 19th - Second Class Tests
Monday 22nd to Friday 26th - Lecture Free Week
Tuesday 23rd - Departmental Board Meeting
Wednesday 24th - School Board Meeting
Thursday 25th - Academic Board Meeting
Monday 29th - First Semester Examination Begins

AUGUST, 2019

Saturday 10th - First Semester Examinations Ends
Monday 12th - Id-el-Kabir [Expected]
Tuesday 20th to Thursday 22nd - Admission Committee Meeting
Monday 26th to Friday 30th - Auditing Exercise
Tuesday 27th - Departmental Board Meeting
Wednesday 28th - School Board Meeting
Thursday 29th - Academic Board Meeting.


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