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JUST IN: NPC Begins Sending of Training Invitation to Shortlisted Candidates


This is to inform all candidates who applied for Supervisor and Enumerator positions for the 2023 Housing and Population Census exercise that, the National Population Commission (NPC) has commenced sending of training invitation messages to all shortlisted candidates.

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The content of the email and SMS being sent to approved applicants confirmed that the first phase of the NPC training exercise will commence on 11th April and ends on 17th April, 2023.

The training invitation also contains the schedule (training centres and time) of the training exercise. A snippet of the training email sent to a candidate is shown below.

Meanwhile, we advised all candidates who have seen such messages or email, that they should not by any means delete such as it would serve as evidence that they were invited for the training.

Also candidates who are yet to receive such an email or SMS and are approved are advised to be patient as the messages and mails are still being sent.

All shortlisted candidates are also encourage to download the training manual that will be used by the commission during the training exercise. You can download the manual using the link below:

If you have seen you schedule, kindly share using the comment section below. 



  1. I learnt people have been getting the invite since about two days now and I don't know if they will still keep sending messages because this is Nigeria. Is it that, it is not everyone that will get invited even though they got approved. I got approved but I have not gotten any mail. I didn't get an email/message when I was approved and some persons said they got email from the local government telling them they have been approved and so they can proceed to the local government for screening so with of all these background. I just don't know what the chances are at this point.

    1. Hello, so long you're approved, you're good to for the training. They're are still sending the messages, and don't forget there's still time from now till on Monday for candidates to receive the messages. Not withstanding, maybe not all the candidates may receive the message maybe due to network, or submitting wrong contact information during application and so, but be rest assured, when the training starts fully, they'll also release list of candidates that are to be trained in each class at each training centre. So as a candidate, if you're approved and you did not get any message for whatever reason, I'll advise you to head over the nearest training centre and check the lists that would be released when the training starts.

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