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All You Need to Know About the NPC Training Exercise

There has not been any hint from the National Population Commission (NPC) on any new set of dates for the training of Ad-hoc Staff for the 2023 Population and Housing Census so far. Why is this so? And with the actual census exercise just a few days to go as announced by the Federal Government, what is the fate of the exercise?

npc training

Well, here's what we know so far.

On the 12th of April, 2023, the commission postponed the training exercise of Ad-hoc staff for the fifth time. This came with a lot of reactions from the public and most especially the Ad-hoc staff themselves. But since then, no date or update has been made about the training date.

The Punch newspaper reported that it will cost the federal government about N869 billion to conduct the 2023 Population and Housing Census. However, the government has only raised aside N291.5 billion for the exercise, however there is a shorfall of N327 billion.

Recently, over 400 special workforce employes in Bauchi State protested nonpayment of their allowances.

So this brings the question, how can the commission train personnels without sufficient funds? It's simply not possible, because Ad-hoc personnels are meant to receive three different form of allowances as follows:
1. Food allowance 
2. Training allowance, and 
3. Transportation allowances

All to be paid during the training. Read more on the payment schedule below:

It is quite clear that the major factors that would detemine the success of the census is funds and personnels to do the job. The personnels are willing, but the fund is insufficient, and it is quite obvious now that maybe, just maybe the census itself will be postponed till sufficient funds are realized.

Eitherways, be rest assured we are here to keep you in the loop as soon as any update drops on the training date of ad-hoc staff. Just bookmark the page below for regular updates:


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