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KASU Debunks Reports of COVID-19 Cases on Campus


Authorities of the Kaduna State University (KASU) has debunked the fake news of the Coronavirus case being disseminated across social media. This was disclosed in a press statement released today by Professor Abdullahi Ashafa, DVC Academics made available to Voicing Gong.

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Professor Abdullahi noted that the said fake news is highly mischievous and devilish which can breach peace and good reputation the school has been enjoying over the years.

A section of the press statement read, "this is highly mischievous and devilish. For over sixteen (16) weeks now the Medical students have been together without any challenge about COVID-19 or any ailment for that matter. The management is aware that when the 600 Level Medical students were to be recalled to prepare them for their final exams, few of them about four (4) were suspected and isolated at the Hamdala Isolation Center. Since then there has been no issue. They have completed their eight weeks of Community Diagnosis posting as well as Rural posting without any problem. They have been going to the wards and doing their tutorials excellently."

He observed that "the Management is disappointed that suspected cases among four students in mid-July have been given undeserving propaganda to score mischievous points. Unionism is a right but Management will not accept blackmail. If truly there were such cases, the Kaduna State COVID-19 Committee that is always on alert visiting every Centre of exams to conduct tests should have broken the news which some have usurped the role they were not expert on."

"The Management is calling members of the University Community as well as the public to disregard this unfortunate blackmail so as to stall the commencement of the planned exams next week Monday," He added.


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