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Tai Solarin College of Education Announces Resumption Date and Guidelines to Students


Prior to the announcement by the government of Ogun State on schools resumption, the Management of Tai Solarin College of Education (TASCE) has announced dates for various academic activities that had been suspended owing to the outbreak of the coronavirus.

The Management has announced that academic activities will resume on Monday, September 21. Upon resumptions, all NCE 1, NCE 2 and degree students are to follow the usual procedures to obtain examination pass in readiness for first semester examinations which will commence on Monday, September 28, and last for two weeks.

tai solarin college of education (tasce) resumption date announced

The release from the Academic Planning Unit of the school also stated that the second semester would commence immediately after the first semester examination, with a view to rounding off the session in the third week of December 2020.

All offices with examination duties will be open and all staff will be available to students to issue examination pass and attend to all other needs from Monday, September 21. Only students who show evidence of payment of the required fees would be issued examination pass and allowed into the examination rooms.

The release further stated that NCE 3 students on Teaching Practice would be supervised and assessed beginning from the first week of October 2020. Time table for the examinations will be released on Wednesday, September 9, 2020 and will be available online.

In anticipatory preparation for safe school reopening, the management has put the following in place:

1. Provision of campus-wide hand-washing stations.

2. Making of Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) banners which are to be deployed all over the campus.

3. Training of staff on preventive practices.

4. Designation of a room for the purpose of isolating Persons Under Investigation (PUI)

5. Provision of face masks for staff. All staff have been in full compliance

6. Inauguration of Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) Committee.

7. Use of social media platforms to propagate prevention practices.

8. Opening of a new blog site to ensure prompt and adequate dissemination of information

The management has issued the following guidelines for all members of the College Community including Staff and Students and visitors to the College to ensure our campus remains Covid-19 free.

1. Mandatory use of face masks. NO MASK NO ENTRY policy is in place and will be enforced.

2. Mandatory temperature check at all entry points to the College as well as examination rooms.

3. Mandatory handwashing with soap and water before entry into any College building.

4. All staff and students are to maintain physical distancing and avoid unnecessary gathering.

5. Staff and students must wear their face masks properly when going to the Clinic for any reason whatsoever.

6. Physical distancing must be observed in all classrooms and laboratories and wherever else individuals have cause to gather.

7. Report to the College Clinic if you suspect you may be infected with the Corona Virus for further advice and help.

The management wishes to state that additional measures would be introduced wherever and whenever necessary. Disciplinary actions will not be ruled out for members of the College Community who deliberately flout the regulations or encourage others to.


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