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[VIDEO] AFIT Tests Flight of its Locally-Developed Hexacopter

The Air Force Institute of Technology, AFIT, Kaduna has tested the flight of its newly locally-developed Hexacopter.

 An Hexacopter is a type of remote controlled flying device that has six propellers. They are arranged in a circular shape above the main body of the hexacopter.

This body often carries a camera and features two legs shaped like skis. These skis allow the device to be stable when it lands. The six propellers give this craft more maneuverability and flying power than a quadcopter.
The craft can fly very steadily and reach higher altitudes than a quadcopter too. This is because it has more lifting power. If you are using an expensive camera to capture footage with this craft, you can be sure that it is can fly the camera without any problems of stability.

Enjoy the view below;


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