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How to Score Above 70% in N-POWER Online Test


If you are writing the N-POWER online test and you intend to score nothing less than 70%, this article is just for you.

npower online test

What is N-POWER Online Test?

The N-POWER test is an online Computer Based Test (CBT) that is used as recruitment criteria to qualify candidates for the N-POWER scheme.

How is the Test Like?

The test contains 20 questions to be answered in 20 minutes. The questions ranged from Mathematics, English, Logical Reasoning, Current Affairs and General Questions.

What is the Pass Mark of N-POWER Online Test?

Officially, NO pass mark has been declared by the N-POWER recruitment team. But from previous experiences of various examinations, 45 – 50% are mostly considered and pegged as the pass mark. But kindly note, that the pass mark may be higher or lower, depending on the performance of the candidates and the decision of the recruitment team.

Things to have in mind before Taking the Test:

  • You must have a fast device, e.g. a Smartphone, PC, Tablet etc.
  • You must have a stable internet connection.
  • You need a calculator.
  • Accuracy is key.
  • A candidate cannot retake the test after clicking the submit button.
  • A candidate can only take the test a maximum of three (3) times after running short of time at each attempt.

How to Score Above 70% in N-POWER Online Test?

Scoring higher totally depends on how accurate and fast you can be. Since twenty (20) questions are to answered in twenty (20) minutes, you are to answer each question in 1 minute or even quicker.

Another question to ask is how quickly do you think? How fast does your brain process data into information? To be more specific: if you see a question for the first time, how fast do you understand the question, and how quickly do you come up with an answer to that question, and how accurate is the answer?

You need to ask yourself these questions, know your strength and weakness(es) before taking the test. For example, you may be very quick to understand a question, and quicker to provide an answer, but your answers are mostly wrong. Or you may be very slow to understand a question and very slow to provide an answer, but your answers are mostly right.

Both situations are personal attributes of different individuals, but neither of them will sit well with any candidate vying to score nothing less than 70%. You have to work on yourself before taking the test, and always considering the time factor.

To score higher in the N-POWER test, do the following;

  • Work on your brain: To get any particular result, you have to take yourself out of your comfort zone and work on yourself, and most importantly to work on your Brain.
  • Take brain teasers/Riddles: After that, take brain teasers/riddles and record how quick you attempt questions and how accurate your answers are.
  • Get better: No matter the outcome of the brain teasers, try to get better at it. Do this a couple of times before taking the test.
  • Know acronyms: Try and know popular acronyms related to Nigeria, most especially. Some acronyms were asked during the test; an example is PHCN. Do you know its full meaning yet?
  • Know how to use a calculator: Some simple arithmetic questions were asked together with some word problem. If you can navigate your way to finding the answers using a calculator, you are good to go.
  • Revisit Idioms: Some idiomatic expressions were stated and the meaning was asked. An example is “to cry a wolf”. Do you know its meaning yet?
  • Know how to ‘fill in the blank’: Fill in the blank questions were also asked. To know how to fill in blank space(s) with the appropriate words grammatically will go a long way to scoring higher. Also, know how to use prepositions and know which particular preposition you are to use at a particular instance.
  • Lastly and most importantly, know how to use google search. 90% or more of the questions were just copied from other questions and answer sites on the internet. If you could copy a particular question, paste it on google, I assure you would get the answer from the original site together with the answer in no time. But before doing this: make sure you have a very strong and reliable network, a super-fast phone and you must be very fast. Don’t forget to be time conscious.

All the best!


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