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UNN Admission Into Business School Postgraduate Programmes For 2017/2018 Announced


This is to notify all interested applicants that applications for admission into the postgraduate programmes of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) Business School (UNNIBIZ) for the 2017/2018 academic session has been announced.

UNN Business School offers regular Professional Postgraduate Programmes leading to the award of Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) and Master of Business Administration (MBA). The Business School also offers Executive MBA and Executive Doctor of Business Administration (Executive DBA) programmes, and Short-Term Certificate Courses.

The UNN Business School Offers Postgraduate Programmes as follows:


1. PGD Regular Programmes in Business Administration
 PGD (Accountancy): full-time/part-time•
 PGD (Banking and Finance): full-time/part-time•
 PGD (Management): full-time/part-time•
 PGD (Marketing): full-time/part-time•
2. MBA Regular Programmes in Business Administration
 MBA (Accountancy): full-time/part-time
 MBA (Banking and Finance ): full-time/part-time
 MBA (Management): full-time/part-time
 MBA (Marketing): full-time/part-time
1 Executive MBA
 Executive MBA (Human Resource Management)•
 Executive MBA ( Tourism and Hospitality Management)•
 Executive MBA (Risk Management)•
 Executive MBA (ICT and Business Decision Making)•
 Executive MBA (Public Sector Accounting)•
 Executive MBA (Taxation)•
 Executive MBA (Marketing Communications)•
 Executive MBA (Oil and Gas Marketing)•
 Executive MBA (Logistics and Supply Chain Management)•
 Executive MBA (Finance)•
 Executive MBA (Enterprise Resource Planning)•
 Executive MBA (Ethics and sustainable Development)•
 Executive MBA (Power and environmental resources Management)•

Executive Doctor of Business Administration (Executive DBA):Weekend programme.

The UNN Business School offers short-term certificate courses in the following areas:
 Leadership and Change Management•
 Credit and Risk Management•
 Industry Studies for Bank Lending•
 Human Resource Management•
 Industrial Relations•
 Small Scale Business Management•
 Small Scale Business Financing•
 Events Management•
 Public Sector Accounting•
 Public Administration•
 Maritime Management•
 Logistics and Supply Chain Management•
 Real Estate Finance•
 Real Estate Marketing and Management•
 Local Government Administration•
 Local Government Financing and Management•
 Auditing SMEs•
 Preparing for Retirement and Managing Retirement Benefits•
 Public Finance and Taxation•
 Hospitality and Tourism•
 Transport and Logistics Management•
 Project Management•
 Public Relations•
 Oil and Gas Marketing•
 Agricultural Produce Processing Management•
 Public Diplomacy and International Relations•
 International Business•
 Managing Microfinance Banks•
 Social Entrepreneurship•
 E-Business and Commerce•
 Ethics and Sustainable Development•
 Power and environmental management•


(a) Executive MBA programme
- A minimum of five (5) years working experience in industry and business, plus
- An honours bachelor’s degree or Higher National Diploma in any discipline.
(b) Executive Doctor of Business Administration (Executive DBA):
- Minimum of 10 years working experience in industry, plus
- Executive MBA or Master’s degree in any business-related discipline.


Postgraduate Diploma (PGD)
Full-time: Two (2) semesters (Minimum); 4 semesters (Maximum)
Part-time:Four (4) semesters (Min); Six(6) semesters (Max)
- Regular MBA Full time: Four (4) semesters(Min);Six (6) semesters(max) Part- time Six (6) semesters (min); Eight (8) Semesters (max)
- Executive MBA:Weekend programme(18 months): Four (4) semesters(min);Six (6) semesters(max)
- Executive DBA: Weekend programmes (36 months) six (6) semesters (3 years). [Note: DBA students are required to be on campus for revision a week before the semester examination.


(i) Admission into the Executive MBA programme is made twice in a year – January and July;
(ii) Admission into the Executive Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is made twice in a year – March and September. (iii) Application for Professional Regular PGD and MBA programmes and certificate course are considered once in September.


(i) Candidates seeking admission into the postgraduate programmes of the UNN Business school can obtain application Forms ONLINE on payment of non-refundable application fee
made payable to the UNN Business School Postgraduate Application Account at any bank in Nigeria using Remita platform.

Application fees shall be paid as follows:
- Professional PGD - N 30,000
- MBA programme - N40, 000.00
- Executive MBA and Executive DBA programmes -N60,000.00
- Certificate Courses - N30,000.00
(ii) Applicants should log-on to and follow the procedure stated below:
- Click on UNN Portal through this link:
- Click on PG Application Form to generate invoice for payment.
- Use your phone number to generate invoice to enable the University reach you for other information.
- Proceed to any Bank with Remita platform for payment
- Return to the UNN portal with your payment confirmation pin from the bank and follow the procedure for completing the form.

(iii) Referee Report:
Candidates should download 3 copies of the referee report (DI) forms after completing preliminary and personal details online. Candidates should complete any missing personal details on the forms while the remaining information should be completed by the referee manually and returned to the candidate who will enclose it in sealed envelope for submission.

Please note that the applications will not be processed unless the referee reports are available.

(iv) Transcripts:
Candidates should download transcript request forms (D2) also provided online, and submit to their former Universities/institution requesting them to forward it with a copy of his/her academic transcript(s) to the Secretary, School of Postgraduate Studies, University of Nigeria, Nsukka to reach him not later than one month from the date of this advert/publication.
The school will not process the applications of candidates whose transcript are not received on or before the deadline.

(v) Submission of Completed Application Forms:
Candidates will complete most information online. Thereafter, a copy of the online completed application form should be downloaded and printed. The printed application form with the relevant documents as listed below should be posted or delivered to the Secretary, School of Postgraduate Studies, University of Nigeria, Nsukka:
(a) NYSC certificate (Discharge or Exemption or Exclusion Certificate). Note that “To Whom It May Concern” shall not be accepted.
(b) Two copies of the application summary form (D3) available online should be downloaded and printed.
i. One copy of the printed summary form (D3) should be glued very neatly (Not stapled) on a brown 9” x 13” envelop;
ii. The second copy of the printed summary form (D3) should be glued neatly (NOT STAPLED) on a white 9”x 13” file jacket.
(c) Copies of all qualifying certificates and other accompanying documents should be placed in the file jacket specified in (b.ii) and the File Jacket should be slipped into the brown envelope specified in (b.i) above.

All documents must fit into the 10” x 15” envelope and delivered or addressed and sent by courier to “the Secretary, School of Postgraduate Studies, University of Nigeria, Nsukka.


Application starts from the date of this advertisement and closes 60 days from the date of the advert.
T. Ugwueze,
Deputy Registrar/Secretary,

School of Postgraduate Studies


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