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I’m Getting There - My Submission for Geegpay Writing Challenge


On a frigid winter morning, Amina journeyed to a wedding venue to work as a photographer, striving to earn extra income for a memorable Easter celebration with her aging mother the next day. Despite the harsh weather with dust pounding her face, Amina stayed focused, having lost her father when she was just two and grown up with only her hardworking mother's support.

geegpay writing challenge

At the venue, Amina was surprised to see her rival photographer Emeka already set up and ready to go. Though initially dismayed, Amina was no novice to competition. She prepared to impress potential clients with her friendly charm and excellent photography skills. However, the wedding planner Mrs. Sarah soon pulled Amina aside and informed her Emeka had underbid her so her servicecs would no longer be needed.


Stunned, Amina struggled to accept the sudden loss of this crucial job and income. As she grappled with how to still make Easter special on a now even tighter budget, a distracted waiter bumped into her, knocking her off balance. Steadying herself, Amina heard a familiar voice speaking nearby - her photography mentor Olamide Onabanjo.


Olamide happens to be a special guest at the occasion and was sharing how his enduring friendship with the groom Jide had helped him pursue photography even when he wanted to quit. In gratitude, he gifted the couple 1 million naira. Amina saw parallels in Olamide's story - she had a friend in her steadfast mother, that unwavering support was invaluable. She found inspiration in Olamide's perseverance through adversity and ultimate success in photography.


Though faced with this unexpected setback, Amina's passion, grit, and love for her mother shone through. This day's disappointment was not defining. Amina would continue working tirelessly, never losing sight of her devotion to capturing life's special moments and caring for her aging mother. Easter and brighter days still lay ahead. “I’m getting there” – she says as she wipes out the tears of disappointment but also of hope that rolled down her cheeks.

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