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How to Collect KADPOLY Original Certificate for ND and HND


This article contains all the steps and procedures needed to collect the original certificate of either National Diploma (ND) or Higher National Diploma (HND) at Kaduna Polytechnic (KADPOLY).

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Students and ex-Students of the polytechnic should note that this steps is for candidates that have already collected their statement of result, which lasts for one (1) year before the original certificate will be ready.

The process is quite hectic, and we’ll advised students who want to collect their results to set aside at least two (2) days for the entire process.

The procedures on collecting KADPOLY’s original certificates are as follows;

Steps on How to Collect KADPOLY Original Certificate

1.     The first step is to make payments – the student is to make two payments, one for certificate collection and the other for alumni registration (if the student haven’t already done so). The cost of the original certificate is N4,161.25, while the cost of the alumni registration is N2,300.00. To make the process a bit stress-free, candidates should proceed to KADPOLY Microfinance bank and request to make payments for collection of certificate and alumni registration. Immediately, you step in the bank, head over to the customer care representatives or talk to the security personnel in the bank and tell them why you are there, and you’ll be directed accordingly. For the certificate collection, a remita RRR would be generated for you, with which you can use to make the payments. While for the alumni registration, a dedicated teller containing the fee and charges will be presented to you. Take all the tellers and payment invoices and head over the counter to make your payments.

2.     After making the payments, take the alumni payment receipt and head over to the alumni secretariat, a few blocks away from the Microfinance bank and show them your proof of payments. They will give you a receipt which will include your name, registration number, department and other details. When you are done and the receipt is being issued to you. You will fill in your names, registration number, department and other details into the alumni register.

3.     Now to generate the certificate collection receipt, visit Create an account if you’ve not already done so, and login. Enter the RRR code and click on Check Now. You will see the status on your payment and from there, you can generate your certificate collection payment receipt from KADPOLY, then you should print it.

4.     Make photocopies of the two payment receipts, then take the alumni receipt (you collected from the alumni secretariat) and the certificate collection payment receipt to the the Bursary section for signatures and stamps before taking it to student affairs of your college (e.g. COE, CST, CBMS, CASS, CES etc. as the case maybe) to update your file for certificate collection.

5.     At the student affairs of your college, your file will be located, and screened to make sure you don’t have any missing documents, after which the photocopies of the two receipts you brought along to your student affairs will be added to your file.

6.     You should also come along with the statement of result you collected after your clearance earlier and also make a copy, as it will be added to your file. Also, go along with a passport, as it will be attached to the final clearance document you are to present to collect your original certificate.

7.     If all your documents are complete and have been updated, the staff at your student affairs which attended to you will present you a final clearance document, which will contain your name, registration number, contact details and a passport. You will also make a photocopy of that final clearance document and bring it back for documentation.

8.     After all these are done, you are to go to Room 06 in the Central Administration building with the clearance document you got from the student affairs of your college and present that document to the staff you meet in the office, after which your original certificate will be issued to you.

There you have it, your certificate in your hands. Congratulations on attaining this feat.


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