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Gateway Polytechnic Lecturer Demoted For a Publication made about Omoyele Sowore; Rector Declares that the Polytechnic as an APC School


The rector of Gateway ICT Polytechnic, Mr I.K Oyeyinka has demoted a senior academic staff of the institution over a publication on Omoyele Sowore, a prisoner of conscience arrested by the federal government after calling for a protest against the inaction of government.  

Gateway poly lecturer
Gateway Polytechnic Entrance Gate
The story was published on the campus newspaper, where the demoted lecturer oversaw. The demoted lecturer identified as mrs O.A Salami, was said to have received the news from the school management on Monday December 2nd through a letter sent to the department.

One of the campus newspaper reporter, said the case is an administrative matter and the victim didn't have much to say, as the reason behind the demotion was political. During the 2019 accreditation exercise of the department of mass communication, the rector of the institution was quoted to have said, ''The lecturer in charge of the newspaper was sacked for publishing a story on someone who has issues with the government, even when the lecturer was aware he the rector is a member of APC. 

He maintained that the report sounded anti-APC, and any report against Tinubu would not be tolerated as the Polytechnic is an APC school, and whoever goes against this, would be sacked before he (the Rector) get sacked.

Mrs Salami was demoted and resigned afterwards.


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