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Meet UNILAG Best Graduating Student Who Wrote Down His Goal 4 Years Ago


After gaining admission into UNILAG, a young man went on to write down his goal of becoming the best graduating student of UNILAG, and four years later, he accomplished his goal and emerged the best graduating student.

UNILAG Best Graduating Student
Adeyeye Oluwaseyi
This young man, identified as Adeyeye Oluwaseyi, said he decided to work towards the achievement in UNILAG because he never got any accolades when he was in primary and secondary school.

Taking to his Instagram to celebrate his achievement, he wrote:

"Becoming the best graduating story was not without enormous challenges, but the journey started with a very strong determination and belief to achieve this feat. This goal was written years back, and to the glory of God became a reality yesterday (3/04/2019). Knowing fully well that i never got any accolades during my primary and secondary education, i was inspired to put in great efforts and trust God in the process."

UNILAG Best Graduating Student
His Goal
 "Today, I am happy I have achieved one of my written goals. I look forward to being celebrated again shortly."

"I am grateful to God Almighty and I appreciate My parents ( Mr & Mrs Adeyeye), Family members, Lecturers, friends, Course mates and other notable people like Vice President Osinbajo, whose visitation to my Family house left a great Impact. Also, my uncle has been awesome. I appreciate you Major General Olabanji."

UNILAG Best Graduating Student
His Achievement
"Finally, Thank you University of Lagos."


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