7UP Fully Funded Scholarship For Nigerians At Harvard Business School, 2019


7Up Bottling Company is offering scholarships to a deserving Nigerian youth to study at Harvard Business School (HBS). The deadline for submission of applications for the SevenUp Bottling Company Harvard Business School Scholarship is 14th January, 2019.

7UP Fully Funded Scholarship For Nigerians At Harvard Business School, 2019
Launched in January 2011, the scholarship program is SevenUp Bottling Company’s way of contributing towards building a greener future for Nigeria. Each year, a deserving Nigerian youth, resident within the country, will be selected and given the privilege of the best quality education at the Harvard Business School.

7UP Harvard Business School Scholarship Requirement

There is no minimum GMAT score required for acceptance and admitted applicants have a wide range of scores. However, recent class statistics can be used as a guide.
The incoming class of 2014 has a GMAT score range 570-790 and a median score of 730.
The MBA program is designed for students who have work experience. This way, students can both gain more from and contribute more to the program and to their fellow students’ learning experiences. HBS also encourages students approaching their final year in university to apply. If accepted, they will be offered a deferred admission and would be expected to complete 2 years of work experience.

7UP Harvard Business School Scholarship Benefits

The scholarship covers tuition, housing, a ticket to the United States to begin the MBA program and a ticket back from the United States at the end of the MBA program.

7UP Harvard Business School Scholarship Selection Process

Once you gain admission from HBS, submit a copy of your electronic admission letter to us. All eligible applicants (Nigerian citizens resident in Nigeria who have gained admission to HBS) will be invited for multiple rounds of interviews with SevenUp Bottling Company Executives to determine their fit with SBC’s vision for the scholarship.
One scholarship will be awarded annually.
It is important to note that the Harvard Business School MBA application process is separate. Seven-Up only assesses candidates after they have successfully navigated the entire HBS MBA application process on their own.

How to Apply for 7UP Harvard Business School Scholarship

If you have already obtained your Harvard Business School admission, please email the electronic copies of your admission letter to hbsscholarship@sevenup.org.

Deadline: 14th January, 2019.


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