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See 4 Likely Results You Will See When Checking JAMB Caps Admission Status & What They Mean

Following the recent released of JAMB Caps admission, we discovered that:

1.     Some candidates don’t know how to check their admission status on JAMB Caps site.
2.     Some candidates don’t understand how JAMB Caps portal works and if it has been officially activated.
3.     Some candidates still don’t understand their status after checking it.

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With all these lingering questions, we saw a need in enlightening candidates to the best of our knowledge.

To answer question one, to check your JAMB Caps admission status click HERE.

To know if JAMB Caps portal has been officially activated click HERE.

Finally, when checking your admission status on JAMB Caps portal below are the likely results you’ll see and what they mean:
1)    Not Admitted: This means your First Choice and Other choice you picked when registering for JAMB have NOT offered Admission. In this case don't Accept yet.
2)    Recommended: This means the institution you picked haven't given you admission and there's a chance that institution won't give you admission or release another list, so if you click accept, JAMB will automatically put you in the market place that's assign you to another university that wants you whether you picked them or not so after clicking accept keep checking the acceptance page to be notified of your fresh admission
3)    Approved: Congratulations You've been admitted. Accept Immediately that's if you want the admission
4)    Admitted: Congratulations! For Some people It Won't Show Approved, it will show admitted Just accept either one you see.

Every *JAMBITES* who have been offered admission are endeavour to login to their jamb profile portal and accept the *admission* via CAPS link if they're fully satisfied with given admission from the institutions chosen!!

Please and please if you are yet to be offered admission by your chosen *institutions* don't, I repeat don't *accept admission* yet on CAPS , But if the webpage says Approved You can accept Even If the List Haven't been released, but if the site is saying Not admitted don't accept, just hold-on till your chosen institution offer you admission to your desire/other course you know you can study.

If you have any questions or observations, feel free to use the comment section.


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