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University of Westminster Full Tuition Scholarship For 2017

University of Westminster 
University of Westminster, UK, Full tuition scholarship for 2017 is currently ongoing. All interested applicants are hereby advised to apply before the closing date outlined below.

Scholarship Description
Applications are invited for the Full international students scholarship which is awarded to International students who wants to undergo a degree program at the University Of Westminster, UK.
The University offers a number of full tuition fee waiver scholarships to you if you are an exceptionally well-qualified student. Please note that this covers tuition fees only, not living expenses or accommodation.
Application Deadline
The application deadline for this scholarship program is on 13th October 2017.

Eligibility Criteria
Each of our scholarships has its own set of eligibility criteria which you should check carefully to make sure you are eligible before you apply. In addition to checking the specific criteria for the scholarship/s you wish to apply for, you should also check the general eligibility criteria for Westminster’s scholarship programme.
Do I have to have an offer of a place on a course before I can apply for a scholarship?
Yes you do. You can only apply for a scholarship once you have applied for admission for a place on the course you wish to study and been offered either a conditional or unconditional offer. We cannot accept any scholarship application without an admissions offer.
Guidance on how to apply for admission can be found here:

Please note that it can take from four to six weeks to get a course offer. You should therefore apply for admission to your chosen course/s at least six weeks before the relevant scholarship application deadline date.
How do I choose which scholarship/s to apply for?
Generally, we offer four different types of scholarships for international undergraduate and postgraduate students:
Full scholarships (which provide for tuition fee costs, living expenses, accommodation and flights to and from the UK)
Full tuition fee award scholarships (100% tuition fee award only)
Half tuition fee award scholarships (50% tuition fee award only)
Part tuition fee award scholarships (up to 50% tuition fee award only)
International undergraduate and postgraduate students can only apply for one type of scholarship. 
UK/EU undergraduate students may apply for as many UK/EU undergraduate scholarships as they wish.
As a general rule of thumb for all applicants, the higher the value of the scholarship the more competitive the application process is. You are therefore advised to choose carefully which scholarship/s you apply for based on whether you meet the eligibility criteria and your true level of financial need.
You will only be considered for the scholarships you express an interest in at the time of application so think carefully before you apply.
How to Apply
Interested applicants should download and completely fill in the application form.
Completed forms should be submitted to:

Scholarships Office 
University of Westminster 
Cavendish House 
101 New Cavendish Street 
London W1W 6XH 
United Kingdom

What documentation do I need to apply?
International Undergraduate and all Postgraduate applicants

As well as completing the relevant Scholarship application form, you will need to provide the following supporting documentation:
A copy of the letter/email from the University of Westminster confirming your conditional or unconditional offer of a place on your chosen course.
An official copy of your transcript from your most recent/current academic study.
A reference letter written specifically in support of your scholarship application. This should be written by a previous tutor, professor, academic or employer (where relevant to your chosen degree course) and cannot be the same reference provided as part of your admission application.
Please note that certified translations of any supporting documents written in languages other than English must be provided. Also, please do not send your own personal copies or originals of documents as we are unable to return these to you.

UK/EU Undergraduate applicants
When you start your application on the applicant portal, the relevant academic information will be imported from your UCAS application.

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